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Homeowners Association Management Company


As your managing agent, Home Owner Association Management Company (HOAMCO) provides a host of valuable services to your Community. HOAMCO provides knowledgeable, effective directions, advice and services necessary to maintain and enhance the operation, lifestyle and property value of your Community Association.


Just a few of the duties performed by HOAMCO included: Assessment billing, collection and bank deposits; assistance in preparation of annual budgets; preparation of monthly Income/Expense statements and Balance Sheets; receipt, review and processing of invoices for payment by the Community; coordination with outside accounting firms to finalize year-end tax returns; working together with other Communities to monitor any legislative issues that may impact Associations;

assistance in Enforcement of the Community’s CC&Rs; obtaining competitive proposals for services as requested by the Board of Directors.


As your Community Manager, Ann Zdanowski works at the direction of the Council and closely with, residents and other designated parties to ensure that policies work most effectively and efficiently for your Community Association. In fulfilling our obligation, HOAMCO is charged with: assisting the Council’s decision making process by means of providing information gathering and fact-finding support; implementing decisions of the Council; and administering the services, programs, and operations of the community association within the policies and guidelines set by the Council.  The Community Manager's authority and responsibility are defined and limited by the governing documents, management contract, actions of the Council which delegate specific authority and federal, state and local laws.


Your Council meets to conduct the business of the Association. One of the priorities of the Council is the efficient management of Association Funds to ensure the best possible services to the Community. This includes making sure the Association has funds in Reserve for future repair and maintenance of common areas in the Community.

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