Ranch Social Club

Social Club

The Ranch Social Club is an organization that was started in 1999 and dedicated to providing social activities for its members and welcoming new people to The Ranch. Getting to know your neighbors is an integral part of The Ranch living. A bi-monthly newsletter is sent out to the members with the current activities available. A wide variety of informal activities such as card games, Bunco, hiking, golf, tennis, pickleball, quilting, knitting, book clubs, ladies Bible study, and dinner groups are also available.

Tennis/Pickleball Club

The Ranch at Prescott has one tennis court. It is located on a portion of the common property just east of Lee Blvd. Entrance to the court is via the gravel road from San Francisco Drive, just west of The Oaks entrance. The court has a concrete base and surface and a ten foot chain link fence. Many consider The Ranch Tennis Court to be one of the best built courts in the Prescott area.

The tennis court is for exclusive use of The Ranch Tennis Club members and their guests and is kept locked when not in use. Any Ranch HOA member or resident may use the court.  The Court has recently been resurfaced and Pickleball added. You may return  your existing key and receive a $25 deposit back. You may also purchase a new key for $5. Please bring a check or money order made out to The Ranch at Prescott HOA. For more information, contact Ann Zdanowski at (928)776-4479